Commercial Truck Insurance Miami

Any small to midsize business need insurance that covers every area of their operation to protect them against accidents, liability, and other unexpected events. Any business that owns and operates trucks must consider having trucking insurance in Miami as part of their package to ensure their coverage is complete and that the business is totally protected.

This insurance is specifically geared toward businesses that operate one or more trucks as part of their business operations, but the insurance needed will vary depending on how each business operates. The rates, coverage needed, and how your package is created will all depend on your business, your trucks, what you are hauling, and where you operate. No business is the same as another, and if you operate a business that uses trucks in Miami, you’ll need to speak to one of our qualified professionals about your insurance needs.

Basic Trucking Insurance

Much like the insurance you purchase to cover your car, our trucking insurance in Miami is available in a number of different levels. Basic trucking insurance is the minimal coverage you can get if your business works with trucks. Basic insurance will cover costs related to collision damage, and some minimal repairs to your vehicle, and not much else. Many business owners choose basic coverage to keep their monthly costs low. But, getting basic trucking insurance leaves you without some vital forms of coverage, and you may want to consider the details of your business, and whether you may need further coverage. Some of the key factors to consider policy cover, before opting for an insurance policy includes:

  • Liability– Any accident can hold your business liable. Proper insurance plan can cover hired auto, non-trucking liability and non-owned truck
  • Essential business coverage: This includes workers’ compensation, general liability and benefits to employees to ensure the safety of your business.
  • Physical damage: This includes cover for collision, specified or comprehensive perils. Towing and rental reimbursements are covered if there is a breakdown or accident that might be included in the terms and conditions.
  • Fleet safety and risks cover: Often trucking insurance plans include the GAP Analysis- fleet safety training, pre-hire screening, security and violence control

Specialty Trucking Insurance

Specialty trucking insurance allows a business to purchase more extensive and flexible coverage for their trucking operations. For businesses that haul dangerous or valuable cargo, or have a large number of trucks that spend a lot of time on the road, elevated insurance is needed. Businesses that are primarily based in trucking, such as moving companies, need very specialized insurance to be sure they are covered in every situation.

Specialty trucking insurance in Miami includes collision and incidental insurance, and can also be extended to cover materials, hazardous hauling situations, and the drivers in your fleet. Even if you recognize that you do need specialty coverage for your business, it can be very difficult to understand exactly what kind of coverage you need until you’ve get a quote from a reliable insurance agent. At Florida Premium Insurance, we work with you to create a cover for your business, ensuring the safety of your drivers and reduce the business losses.

Other Necessary Insurance

If you operate a small- to mid-sized trucking business, you will need insurance beyond trucking insurance in Miami – you’ll need to consider your liabilities, operations, and vulnerabilities to be sure that you have coverage that protects every aspect of your business and your future. Florida Premier Insurance has an unbeatable team of professional brokers who can help to create a package that makes your business safe and secure.

If you’re looking to evolve your business, or need new insurance coverage, be sure to contact Florida Premier Insurance today at 305-735-8629. We are experts on commercial truck insurance in Miami and are happy to provide you with a free quote and information on what you need.