Car & Auto Insurance Miami

Can insurance in Miami is some of the most expensive in the country, and it can be daunting to realize how expensive your auto insurance may be. With crowded streets, a booming tourist economy, and many classic cars on the road – Miami residents end up paying a lot for their car insurance.

When you’re choosing an insurance provider, you want to be sure that you’re choosing a professional, affordable, and considerate insurance company that will work with you to help you understand your coverage, and exactly what you’re paying for. That is why it is important to consult with us at Florida Premier Insurance. We work with you understand your requirements and suggest the most suitable cover that ensures higher coverage yet lower premiums so that you can save more.

Who needs car insurance?

Every resident of Florida is required to have a basic level of car insurance that covers personal injury in the case of an accident. This rule ensures that any person who is injured in a car accident in Miami will have the money needed to finance their medical care. Because accident rates are so high in Miami, even the most basic level of insurance can be 20 times more expensive than in other parts of the country.

What does basic auto insurance cover?

We understand that you are aware of the fact that the minimum car insurance level you are required to hold in Miami is a policy with $10,000 in personal injury coverage. This policy ensures that if someone is injured as a result of your carelessness, that they receive the coverage they need. And our range of insurance policies cover that aspect.

Ensuring that each driver in Miami has a minimum of auto insurance protects each driver and pedestrian, makes sure that anyone that may be injured in a car accident has some form of protection.  Basic coverage is only a minimum for drivers in Miami. There are many extended and additional insurance packages that we offer so that our cover can protect you, and your care, in different ways.

Additional car insurance

If you need car insurance in Miami, it is recommended that you get more than the regular coverage to be sure you have reliable coverage for your car. Though more expensive, additional insurance means you can be covered in liability, at-fault accidents, and can receive some coverage for repair.

Additional car insurance can be a major added expense for a driver each month, and it is important that you carefully consider the pros and cons of adding additional insurance. The short-term costs of your insurance can save you a lot in the future, and driving needs and income can impact your decision quite a bit.  At Florida Premier Insurance, we are professionals when it comes to Miami auto insurance, and can provide reliable advice and a free quote for your coverage. Talk with us today!

Car Insurance Options in Miami

Vehicle owners want to be sure they have the coverage they need without overpaying – and chances are, drivers will need to make use of their insurance at some point.  If you’re a new driver, or if you’re shopping around for a new insurance premium, Florida Premier Insurance is happy to work with you to help you understand your insurance needs, and provide you with a free quote. Call us today at 305-735-8629 and talk to an insurance agent to know more about our policies.